We like to bring a little personality to our jobs. That's why you should know about some of our interests and motivations.

We were officially founded in 2016. Since then, our team has painted over hundreds of homes. From the start, we have always been environmentally conscious and try to operate in the most sustainable and responsible manner. When the situation permits, we use eco-friendly paints containing zero VOC. To reduce our consumption, we reuse materials when possible and avoid cheap disposable materials. As we expand, we hope to add electric vehicles to the fleet and create a carpool or biking initiative. 

Vincent Nguyen
CEO & Founder
B.Eng., M.Eng.

Vincent started painting in 2012 to pay for his tuition. He facilitated several teams of painters each summer and learned the trade. The company now provides professional serves year-round. 

Having studied and worked in the engineering field, Vincent has become meticulous with details and analysis. Engineering has ingrained Vincent with a strong sense of ethics as he strives to operate Finesse Finish in the most responsible and ethical manner possible.

Vincent's interests include dancing salsa, travelling, playing volleyball and doing charity work. He is fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese and English. Vincent is currently pursuing a degree in medicine.

Yogi Gosine


Yogi has a diploma in marketing and has been painting since 2012. Upon graduating, he helped Vincent transition the business away from student painting to a more professional service.

Some of Yogi's other endeavors include music promotion and cutting hair. He is currently working towards earning his real estate license.

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